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Water sports

A yachting race in a fleet racing format Water sports include any sport practised on, in or under water. Many surface water sports (performed on the surface of water) use equipment, such as boats, boards, skis, paddles, oars or sails, to travel over the water. Other water sports include swimming, diving and snorkelling. In many surface water sports, participants aim to travel over a set distance, or over a course, at speed. Some sports demand strength to power through the water, while others require skill to use the currents or winds.

A kayak

and kayaking

A canoe is a narrow, light, open-topped boat with sharp ends and curved sides. Kayaks have a frame over the top—originally made by stretching animal skins to keep out icy Arctic waters—with a gap for the cockpit, where the paddler sits. Paddlers face forward in both craft, but canoeists use a single-bladed paddle, while kayaks use double-bladed ones.

Kayak is the Inuit word for "man’s boat".

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