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Joseph is given the multi-coloured coat from his father.Jacob had many children. His favourite son was called Joseph, the son of Rachel. On Joseph’s 17th birthday, Jacob gave him a present—a coat with long sleeves. It was woven with many different coloured threads and into elaborate patterns. Joseph had 11 brothers. They resented Joseph because their father thought of him as his heir, even though he was not the eldest. One day Joseph told them about a dream he had: while binding sheaves of corn all his brothers’ sheaves turned and bowed to Joseph. This made his brothers dislike him even more.

Joseph's brothers

Joseph is thrown down a well.Joseph working in Potiphar's householdJoseph's brothers used to take their sheep from Hebron, where they lived, north to a town called Shechem. One day, Jacob asked Joseph to check on his brothers. When Joseph reached Shechem, his brothers had already left to go to Dothan, so he followed them. The brothers saw Joseph in the distance. They knew he had been sent to check on them so they plotted against him. They decided to throw him down a well where he would starve to death. But, as they lowered him down, some merchants arrived. Joseph’s brothers decided to sell him to the merchants instead. Then they took his coat back to Jacob telling him that his favourite son had been killed.

Jacob once wrestled with an angel, who gave him a blessing and renamed him “Israel” after the Hebrew words yisra "to wrestle with" and el, "God, the divine". His descendants are therefore known as “Israelites”.

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