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How do storms occur?

A tornado near Anadarko, Oklahoma. The lower part of this tornado is surrounded by a dust cloud.Stormy weather means high winds and heavy rain or snow. In some parts of the world, the extremely fast-moving winds of hurricanes and tornadoes may be powerful enough to cause severe damage and even loss of life. Heavy rainfall or blizzards often also result in floods or mudslides. They may cause avalanches in mountainous areas.

Forked lightning lights up the sky during a thunderstorm.


Thunderclouds form when warm, moist air rises quickly. As water droplets and ice crystals in the air bump together, they produce electricity. We see this as lightning. The heat of the lightning flash causes the air around it to expand rapidly, making the boom of thunder.


Lightning is a huge flash of electricity. As a lightning bolt shoots through the air, the intense heat causes the air around it to expand extremely quickly. Thunder is the sound made by lightning.

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