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A map of Paraguay The landlocked country of Paraguay is divided in two by the River Paraguay, which runs north-south down the centre. The eastern part consists of low, green hills and plains. Most of the country’s towns and cities, including the capital, Asunción, are in this region. To the west of the River Paraguay lies the Gran Chaco, a vast scrubland plain which extends into Bolivia in the north and Argentina in the south. Much of the Chaco (known as Chaco Boreal in Paraguay) is dry, bleak and virtually uninhabited. Paraguay has a subtropical climate: summers are hot and wet, while winters are mild.

A map of Paraguay

Squeegee men, Asunción


Nearly all Paraguayans live in the east. The capital, Asunción, is the only large city. Most Paraguayans are mestizo: descended from a mixture of Spanish and the native Guaraní people. Although only a handful of Guaraní tribes remain, the Guaraní language is spoken by nearly all Paraguayans, with Spanish as the country's joint official language. 

The Rio Paraná, which runs along Paraguay’s eastern and southern borders, is the fifth longest river in the world.

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