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Rock art from the Sahara Desert Among the earliest forms of art in Africa are paintings left on rocks in the Sahara Desert in around 8000 BC. At this time, the Sahara was a green and fertile region. Bands of hunter-gatherers lived there, hunting wild animals to eat and gathering plants. As the Sahara dried up, they moved away. Some went east to found the ancient Egyptian civilization. Others moved south. By about 1000 BC, some people in north and west Africa had learned to mine and work metals such as bronze and iron. As they spread over Africa, they took this knowledge with them.

Bantu migrations

Bantu people were farmers and animal herders.Bantu is the name given to a group of languages that has its origins in the Niger and Congo regions of west Africa. Around 2000 BC, these peoples began to spread out to the south and east, slowly migrating across the whole of Africa that lies south of the equator. They took with them knowledge about growing crops and working iron.

The world's earliest known artworks come from Blombos Cave in South Africa, where carvings and bead jewellery dating from about 80,000 BC were discovered.

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