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Early Scottish kings timeline

Kenneth I (Kenneth MacAlpin, 843–858) After defeating the Picts in about 843, Kenneth united them with the Scots to form the new kingdom of Alba (a large part of present-day Scotland). A great warrior, Kenneth invaded Northumbria six times, and repelled attacks from both the Britons of Strathclyde and the Vikings.
Donald I (858–862) Little is known about his reign.
Constantine I (862–877) The son of Kenneth I, Constantine I was killed in battle against Viking invaders at Forgan, Fife.
Aed (877–878) Aed succeeded his brother in 877, but was killed a year later by Giric, who seized the throne.
Giric (878–889) Giric possibly ruled jointly with Eochaid, the king of Strathclyde.

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