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Who were the pharaohs?

The pharaoh and his queen receiving giftsPharaoh was the title for the man (and, in some cases, woman) who was high priest and ruler of ancient Egypt. The Egyptians believed that the pharaoh was more than just a ruler. He or she was almost a god, descended from Re, the sun god. 



The pharaoh makes offerings to ReThe pharaoh was entrusted by the gods with keeping order in the land of Egypt. He was responsible for ensuring that offerings were made to the gods. The gods would then continue to bless Egypt with the annual Nile floods. These watered the crops on which all the Egyptian people depended.

Male pharaohs usually had several wives. They included one special or "chief" one, who was known as the Great Royal Wife. She was often, but not always, mother to the heir to the throne.

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