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What are mites and ticks?

A citrus yellow mite, magnified about 200 times. It is commonly found on the leaves of citrus trees.Mites and ticks are tiny arachnids. They all have two body segments and eight legs. Mites live in soil, water and even inside other animals. Some feed on insects or blood, while others feed on plants. Many mites are too tiny to see without a microscope. All ticks feed on the blood of other animals. They may carry diseases.

Dust mites

Dust mite
Dust mites seen through a microscopeMost of the dust that settles inside our houses is made up of flakes of human skin. Some of the remainder includes the droppings of dust mites. Dust mites cannot fly, but they are often wafted up into the air to join the dust particles. Dust mites feed on flakes of human skin and other particles in dust. They especially favour warm, moist places, such as beds.

A kind of mite is among the strongest animals in the world. It can resist the pull of something more than 1180 times its own weight.

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