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What animals live in cities or farmland?

A rat in a city streetAnimals have to share the planet with human beings. We humans have not made it easy for them. Many animals suffer at the hands of hunters, or lose their habitats to our needs. Some animals, however, have learned to live in habitats that humans have created. These include cities, gardens and farmland. Not all these animals are welcome. Some have become pests. They spread diseases or destroy crops.

City, or feral, pigeons

City animals

Birds use roofs, gutters and chimney pots as nesting sites in cities. Bats gather in warm attics or empty buildings. The warm air given off by houses, offices and factories draws flocks of birds into cities on winter evenings. 

Hanuman langurs, types of monkey, are considered sacred in the Hindu religion. They are protected by law in India. Many of these monkeys live in towns and cities (Jodhpur, for example, has a population of about a million) and steal from, or bite, people to get food.

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