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What lives on the seashore?

Sanderlings probing for food on the Californian seashoreThe seashore is the place where land meets sea. This can be rocky cliffs, sandy or pebble beaches or marshy wetlands.  At high tide, much of a low-lying seashore is under water. The sea brings tiny particles of food for the many small creatures that live in the sand or on the rocks. These creatures are, in turn, prey for crabs, starfish and seabirds. Shorebirds, such as sandpipers or oystercatchers, use their long beaks to poke through the sand and mud.

A seashore scene

Different kinds of seaweed


Seaweeds are kinds of algae. They do not put down roots into the ground like true plants. They anchor themselves to rocks instead. Many kinds stay moist even after the tide has gone out. This provides small animals with shelter from the sun. Bladderwrack is an example of a seaweed.

In many parts of the world, seaweed is harvested and used as a food, or as a food additive.

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