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Fruits and seeds

A variety of different fruits After male pollen grains have been carried to the female parts of a flower, the male and female cells join and begin to develop into the baby plant. The flower parts are no longer needed and they shrivel away, to be replaced by the developing seeds in the seed-head. A seed is usually accompanied by a food store for its early growth, neatly packaged inside a casing. This is called a fruit. Some plants, like orchids, produce many thousands of tiny seeds. An ear of wheat is a seed-head of wheat seeds or grain.
When the grain is ground up, it makes flour.

An ear of wheat is a seed-head of wheat seeds or grain
Seeds and nuts

Spreading seeds

Seeds have a better chance of growing if away from the parent plant. If they fall next to the parent, they would be in its shade and would also compete with it for soil nutrients. For these reasons, seeds have many ways of being spread far and wide.

A cereal grain, such as wheat or rice, is a kind of fruit, even though it is no more than a thin skin surrounding the seed itself.

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