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Green turtle

Close-up view of a green turtle's head Green turtles are large sea turtles that live in warm ocean waters. They usually stay in their home waters, close to the coast, but every few years they make long journeys back to the breeding grounds where they were born. Unlike most sea turtles, green turtles are herbivorous: they feed only on sea grasses and seaweed. Their young, however, will also eat crabs, shrimps and jellyfish.


Green turtle, tropical and subtropical seas worldwide, up to 1.5 m (5 ft) longIn January, green turtles from Brazil leave the coast and head east, on a journey of over 2300 kilometres (1400 miles) to the tiny island of Ascension in the Atlantic Ocean. It takes the turtles between five and seven weeks to complete their journey. The turtles follow ocean currents to help them find their way. As they swim, they must rise to the surface every few minutes for air.
After a long journey across the Atlantic Ocean, green turtles finally reach the shores of Ascension Island. They mate in the shallow waters around the island before crawling ashore.

Green turtles can live for 80 years or more.

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