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Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon, Indonesian islands, up to 3 m (10 ft) long The Komodo dragon, a member of the monitor family, is the largest lizard in the world. It lives only on Komodo and a few other islands in Indonesia. It mostly feeds on carrion, but will also ambush live prey. A solitary hunter, this giant, 3-metre (10-foot) reptile has long, jagged teeth which it uses to grab its prey of wild pigs, deer and goats and shake them to death. The dragon can open its jaws wide enough to swallow some smaller prey whole.

Males fighting for dominance

Fighting males

May is the start of the Komodo dragon’s mating season. Males compete with each other over females and often fight to display their strength and dominance. Fighting males grasp each other and stand on their hind legs, struggling to push their rivals over. Fights sometimes result in severe injury or even death.

The Komodo dragon is the largest living species of lizard.

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