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Albertosaurus's head Albertosaurus was a tyrannosaur, a family of large theropods from the Late Cretaceous Period. Its massive head measured up to 1 metre (more than 3 feet) long. There were short, bony, possibly brightly coloured crests above its eyes. This may have been a display feature in males, used to attract a mate. Its long jaws contained 58 teeth. Albertosaurus had an S-shaped neck, long hind limbs with four-toed feet, and tiny arms with two-fingered hands.

Fierce hunter

Albertosaurus on the moveAlbertosaurus had a more slender build than its later relative, Tyrannosaurus rex, and was able to sprint at high speeds—up to 32 km/h (20 mph). This fleetness of foot, combined with its physical strength and fearsome array of teeth, would have made Albertosaurus the most effective of predators, particularly when hunting in packs, as some scientists believe it did.


The name Albertosaurus means “Alberta lizard”, named after the Canadian province of that name where its fossil remains where first discovered in 1884.

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