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Silvisaurus and the nodosaurs

Silvisaurus Silvisaurus was a nodosaur, part of the ankylosaur group, the armoured dinosaurs. The name Silvisaurus means “forest reptile”. It lived in North America during the Middle Cretaceous Period. Its body, neck and tail were covered with rounded or hexagonal plates. These had pointed studs or pronounced spikes at the shoulders. Silvisaurus's horny beak was lined with small, pointed teeth.


Polacanthus, a nodosaur that lived in Western Europe 130–125 million years ago (Early Cretaceous)Nodosaurs (the name means “lumpy reptiles”) were similar to the other ankylosaurs, but lacked tail clubs. Typically, they had large spikes around their shoulders and flanks. Nodosaurs had an unusual-shaped palates that separated their nasal passages from their mouths. This allowed them to eat and breathe at the same time. Silvisaurus’s nasal passages were particularly wide, perhaps enabling it to keep cool.
A pair of Scelidosaurus


Scelidosaurus was the first complete dinosaur ever discovered. It fossil remains were dug up in 1858.

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