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What people are saying about Q-files

"Brilliant. At last, a proper, well-written source for children in one place. Been hoping for this for so long!"

Jeremy Bloomfield, head of IT, Moor Park School

"As the ex head of an all-through (3-18) school I am very impressed by the versatility & functionality of your website. I see this as a superb resource for a school, and can see its adaptability across the full age range." 

Dave Harris, MD, Independent Thinking Limited

"The website is fantastic in idea, design and information."

David Cameron, UK Prime Minister

"The information has been carefully and intelligently put together and there is consistency within and across topics making it particularly useful for children. And is there ever some content…. loads of it and it’s brilliant! So thank you and well done Orpheus Books Limited! Q-files is a great online encyclopaedia beautifully developed with children in mind."

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"Whether your little ones are working on an important research project or they are just curious about the world around them, Q-files is their number one trusted resource…We enjoy that the site is easy to use for parents and children alike and the information is endless! The site is also Kid Safe, so you can trust this site…Do you home school your children? Make this a trusted resource. If your child is in school, this is a great way for them to stay educated about the world and finish those research papers!"

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"While there are many, many websites where pupils are able to access information, Q-files has been the most trustworthy and reliable site I've experienced….My pupils feel that the Q-files website treats them as learners by providing the definitions of key words, rather than merely 'dumbing down' the information…Many parents have commented that their children have been using Q-files at home as their main source of information, and a few have admitted to making it their default homework help in place of Wikipedia. For a site of this calibre to not only be detailed, well researched and regulated but also free, is fantastic. A "must use" for primary classrooms."

Emily Funnell, English teacher at Gallions Primary School, Beckton, London

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