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What is electricity?

Dubai lit up by countless electric lightsElectricity is an extremely useful form of energy. It can easily be changed into other forms of energy, such as light, heat and sound energy. Current electricity is easy to use because it can be sent along wires to wherever it is needed.

An illustration showing the different ways electricity can be produced or generated: a power station, a wind farm and lightning.

{alt} Electrons spinning round an atomic nucleus Video...{more}Click to play video

What is electricity?

Electricity is a kind of energy stored inside atoms, the tiny building blocks of all things. Atoms themselves are made up of particles. These include electrons, which have a negative electric charge, and protons, which have a positive electric charge.

The Three Gorges Dam, a hydro-electric dam that spans the River Yangtze in Hubei province, China, is the world's largest power station.

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