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Logs being transported to a mill by river Wood is a hard tissue found in the trunks, branches and roots of trees and shrubs. Wood is made up of fibres of cellulose, the substance that forms the cell walls of all plants, bound together with lignin, the substance that gives wood its rigidity. Wood is strong, long-lasting, easily cut and burnable. These properties make wood valuable as a raw material both for products and as a fuel. Logging is the process of cutting down trees, dragging them out of the forest, then loading them up for transportation to a mill for cutting.

A new home under construction, showing its wooden roof frame.

Uses in construction

Since humans first started to build shelters, wood has been used as a construction material, for elements such as frames, walls, floors and roofs. Wooden frames and other structural elements are still commonly used in new buildings today. Some new buildings are constructed with engineered wood, in which the wood is bound together with adhesives to make it extra strong. Wood used in this way is called timber.

There are about 1 trillion tonnes of wood in the world.

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