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Airport terminal, taxiways and runways An airport is a place where aeroplanes take off and land. It includes at least one runway along with a terminal building, control tower and aircraft hangars. Large airports often have several terminals, or one that is connected via walkways to different concourses—areas that provide access to the planes. A large airport employs thousands of people. Air traffic controllers work in a control tower, directing all planes to and from runways and deciding when it is safe to take off or land. They have radar equipment to keep watch over the airspace around the airport. Baggage handlers load and unload luggage from the aircraft. Once passengers have disembarked, ground crew prepare the aircraft to fly out again, and refuel it while firefighters stand by.


Airport terminal

KEY 1 Radar 2 Airliner landing 3 Airliner taking off 4 Runway 5 Control tower 6 Gangway 7 Waiting area 8 ...Read More >>KEY 1 Radar 2 Airliner landing 3 Airliner taking off 4 Runway 5 Control tower 6 Gangway 7 Waiting area 8 Moving walkway 9 Gate to gangway 10 Security X-ray 11 Escalators 12 Check-in desks 13 Terminal building 14 Fuel tanker 15 Baggage loading 16 Fire engine 17 Airport bus 18 Baggage trolley 19 Jumbo Jet (Boeing 747) 20 Mobile stairwayPassengers queue at the gate in the terminal building of Beijing International AirportPassengers arrive at an airport terminal either to make a flight (departures) or on an incoming flight (arrivals). Some passengers arrive on a flight and depart for another destination on a connecting flight. Departures passengers go first to check-in to drop off luggage. They then go through security where officers use X-ray equipment to check passengers for bombs, guns or other weapons. When their flight is ready, passengers go to the gate and transfer to their plane.

With more than 90 million passengers per year, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Georgia, USA, is the world’s busiest airport. Atlanta is a national and international hub, where many people change planes for onward flights.

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